Monday, September 23, 2013

Sweater Weather?

On Coronado Island looking back at the San Diego city scrapes.
One of the most beautiful trees in the Spring.

September 24th and its time to bring out the sweaters.  Crazy talk especially when the thermostat says 71 degrees but boy that consistent slight breeze is really bringing on the chill.  I remember moving to San Diego at the end of February thinking why are these people wearing winter coats?  Now my blood has thinned out or I could just be getting old.
Do these pictures convey you need sweaters or winter coats?

Tennis match in Indian Wells between Nadal and Berdych.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Where we live...

Being raised in New England and living under the roof of Heather and Art Makechnie, us kids not only appreciated the history of the region but were also taught that good things take time.  Like when we go apple and peach picking, mom would remind us of how long it took before the orchard was matured enough to be harvested.  When we poured pure maple syrup on buttermilk pancakes, a discussion would ensue about the right time in the Spring to tap the maple trees, the distilling process it takes to turn sap into maple syrup, and whether it was a successful tapping season all depends on the cooperation of the weather.  I remembered how apples, peaches, and maple syrup were creatively infused in pies, stuffing, and dressings for the pork chops.  It was a very unique household where there were a lot of little moments to learn and and expand our malleable minds.  

Now living in San Diego is a different type of blessing because we get to take out what seems like 6 months of winter and with that new opportunities are afforded. The grill can be turned on every single day of the year, fresh ingredients seem to be available from one season to another, and with a diverse cultural community spices are often infused in very creative ways.   In our home, most of time we try to keep it really simple.

Our fig tree which has brought multiple harvesting opportunities. The first fruits came out really early this year and the final harvest was just this last week.

There so many ways to prepare this beautiful fruit.  Use them in a salad, flavor them with reduction of balsamic to make a sauce for a meat course, make fig jams, or just eat them directly off the tree.

Now to prep for winter when the weather will turn to around 72 degrees with clear blue skies; the fig tree is pruned and will be resting.  Until next year...

As we wait for the figs to return, we look towards other things that will keep a smile on our faces like avocados, fresh eggs, and locally produced cheeses.  Really embracing the Latin culture we now put lime and chili pepper on a lot of the fruits that we consume.  A great snack is cutting open an avocado, squeeze some fresh lime, sprinkle some coarse sea salt, and pop them in your mouth.   The avocado takes on a whole new attitude beyond its buttery reputation and make your taste buds come alive.  Follow it with a glass of water and you will satiated till dinner.  Something else that makes us really happy is a simple cheese omelette lightly cooked in olive oil.  Pair it with a fresh oven heated baguette and you are ready to go.  We usually add ketchup on the side with Sriracha sauce mixed in; a little kick and some more attitude.  Of course, how can one go wrong with a Caprese drizzled in olive oil and a high quality balsamic vinaigrette and once in awhile a good old fashion lambchop will balance all of the great fruits and vegetables you've been consuming.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

They Grow Up So Fast!!!

With Cope being the first Makechnie heading to high school, we got a little nostalgic thinking how little she was just a few years back.  The next generation will go through high school, college, and probably become brilliant contributors to society.   The next generation is moving forward and onward and they are amazing.  All of the reflection has brought us to our own little Ella Maria Petronzio Makechnie.  Born on February 17th, 2006 and came home to us 2 months later barely bigger than a softball.  Today, seven years and 3 months later,  Ella is a is a full grown rambunctiously scary guard dog.  Recently a friend sent an a video of Ella between 6-8 months being babysat by Lola.  It melted our hearts...
Ella hasn't asked for a sibling but I am sure she will be more than accommodating when the addition arrives.  We're keeping our fingers crossed.  Below are signs that Ella really needs a sibling to liven up the place and to take care of.

The life of the queen of the house...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Few. The Proud. The Marines.

A month ago we attended our friend Steven's retirement from the Marines. Steve's wife Yolanda and Seth shared the same office for the last 3 years.
The ceremony gave us a chance to reflect on the power of sacrifice and its profound effect for generations to come.